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Mehreen baig dad

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Mehreen baig dad

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Baig starts at home, where her father enforces a strict curfew on his daughter and demands constant updates on her whereabouts but not her brother's. She s up to MuzMatch, a dating app for Muslims, and meets with three men.

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I was so nervous - completely terrified of so many things - but it was the best experience of my life. There was no halal food and hardly any fish options What was that like?

Mehreen Baig and Muslim feminist activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied Baig starts at home, where her father enforces a strict curfew on his. The majority wear it out of choice, not oppression, they argue.

Her work on the documentary led to. We haven't been walking together yet, though. Each man has a different opinion on how they would want their wife to behave and dress.

Mehreen baig

All of those were new challenges. I felt like I was free of all responsibility - you didn't have to worry about what you were going to wear or where you were going I was completely clueless when it came to specialised mehteen kits - I visited lots of different stores to buy my clothing, to get my backpack fitted etc One is uncomfortable with the niqab the face veil that leaves only the eyes visiblewhile another would expect his wife to dress modestly.

There were no moments of conflict. I begged Lesley to just stop and rest for a minute - but she mdhreen let me. The whole journey mehren symbolic of life - you don't know if it's a hill or obstacle around the corner, but you just know you have no bag but to get past it, and you learn to conquer is with confidence. Sometimes I would feel exhausted, my legs would be burning, I would be sweating - and then I'd see Lesley or Les walking effortlessly and it would motivate me to carry on.

That's a lesson I'll remember for the rest of my life. Have you ever walked this far before? Do you practice?

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However, I know it sounds cliched, but after this pilgrimage I've come back with a passion for walking. Sometimes, you feel you know your faith really well but when people ask you to evaluate it, it makes you realise how limited your knowledge actually was.

Haig Baig. One unidentified woman hasn't seen her husband in five years but he refuses to divorce her. I wanted to truly learn about why people go on pilgrimages and learn more about the Catholic faith whilst also promoting the message of unity and peace.

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I remember struggling. Would you do it again? Have you stayed in touch with the other pilgrims?

She really inspired me on this journey. Yes, Muslim, practicing. Baig starts at home, where her father enforces a strict curfew on his daughter and demands constant updates on her whereabouts but not her brother's. What was the hardest part?

I wear this out of love. Mehreen Baig (born 8 September ) is an Pakistani origin, British television presenter, fashion - beauty blogger and activist. One minute we were climbing through waterfalls and sleeping in hostels, the next, we were in our dirty clothes sitting in the Vatican with the Pope.

I mhereen so worried about spending three weeks with "celebrities. Lesley and I still have to attend the ballet; Greg helps me to make healthy smoothies. I try baaig implement parts of the experience into my daily life now - exercise, being outdoors, fresh air, healthy eating, enjoying silence. Hanging out with my fellow pilgrims for three weeks was like an ongoing sleepover - I imagine that's what a gap year would feel like!

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I then purchased precautionary medication for three weeks, just in case I got the flu or anything else went wrong. All you had to worry about was what time you were going to wake up. The love, support and respect they showed restored my faith in humanity. Climbing the mountain on day 1 is something I will never forget - I didn't know I was capable of doing something like that, and it was so much easier than I expected it to be.

On the last day, Brendon bought us all presents - the girls were all gifted new, clean clothes - and we all dressed up and went for a lovely halal dinner that the group had researched for me. We were dirty and sweaty - nowhere to shower properly or wash our clothes - but even when it was difficult, the group supported each other. The girls at night would give me a scarf and space to pray.

Did you have to prepare in advance for the pilgrimage? So, it was a once in a lifetime experience for me.

And the hurdles make you appreciate the nice flat, easy parts more. Pushing and challenging ourselves every day was strenuous at first but became fun and rewarding as time went on - it got easier as my body grew comfortable with the routine. Religion isn't black and white - it is personal and open to individual interpretation - and sometimes, especially on social media, I have been criticised for not being a "proper Muslim" because I have my nails done, so, speaking, discussing and debating with the group and knowing I had the respect and support of the people around me - and being able to have adult, profound conversations with people who understood the notion of personal faith was crucial for my self-growth.

Are you affiliated to any religion? The highlight of the whole trip was doing all of it with this group - a group of driven, interesting, amazing people who taught me so much about life and about making the most of it.

Mehreen baig, 28, who wants to be a good muslim and a modern british woman

She said "come on Mehreen. Mehreen Baig is most recognised for her appearance on BAFTA Award winning BBC Two documentary Muslims Like Us.

But within the first few days, I realised all of that wasn't necessary and it was difficult to carry it all on my back, and I had to tragically dispose of most of my belongings.