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Gay glory hole stories

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Gay glory hole stories

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Encounters Gloryhole Sandwich Last Friday afternoon, I was feeling particularly horny and I knew only one thing would do: cocks. See, I'm bisexual, and most of the time I'm primarily attracted to women. But when I want good, hot sex without all the baggage, I like a nice juicy cock between my lips. So with a raging hardon in my pants, I headed for the nearby adult bookstore that I knew had gloryholes. I don't know what it is about sex through a gloryhole that's such a turn-on for me.

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Mom and dad have their own bathroom and Eddy and I shared the one in the hallway by our room and I could see light coming from under the door. The place was empty so I sat in the last stall which luckily had a large glory hole.

Not knowing his name, I just told him I had met him at the camp grounds. I don't gloru what it is about sex through a gloryhole that's​. by privatedesires12/10/ I went to a mens room at the end of the mall, that didn't get much traffic. by adammonroe02/24/15 A straight man visiting a glory hole for the first time.

Mall glory hole encounters

I ate a piece of toast and grabbed my backpack and headed off to school which was only three blocks away and all the way there I wondered what I could have done or said the night before to fix things. I sucked his cock clean before licking his sweaty balls. I couldn't believe he wanted to touch the sock but I balled it up and threw it his way and he caught it easily.

I felt the cock in my ass swell up even bigger, then it sprayed my insides with a coat of hot cum.

Gay glory hole stories

If the person in the next booth doesn't want you, it's not a big deal. Dropping to his knees he laid his head on the toilet and just sat there like a drunk puking in a toilet, only he wasn't drunk and goory toilet seat was down. He laughed, "You never heard of a glory hole? You just move on and wait for the next guy to come along.

I'd been beating off since I was six or seven though I was almost 10 before my brother Eddy he's three years oldern' me showed me the right way to do it. As he drained down my throat and got smaller I was able storiex get all of him in to my mouth.

He paid his twenty dollars and pulled down his pants. I looked at the ground for some clue storifs who it might have been but Eddy distracted me when he found what he'd been looking for. He slid his cock through the hole and I licked around his head and then moved up and down his hard shaft.

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There on his knees in front of the glory hole, my brother Eddy was sucking the red he dick. He came stumbling in a few minutes later and we had breakfast. Dad came home around six looking tired but in a good mood as always. The hole was perfectly round and someone had put duct tape all around to cover the edges of the hole.

It started with a trip to a nature reserve, just north of town. He unzipped his pants and sat on the toilet. But was Derrick capable of this Glory Hole thing?

He shrugged, "I don't know. He stood up and pulled up his pants. So with a raging hardon in my pants, I headed for the nearby adult bookstore that I knew had gloryholes. You could line me up 10 guys in a row and I'd still be hungry for gxy dick.

We both know our folks were the most boring people in the world and they'd never do anything like this, not in a million years. It was a dick. He told me he was bisexual and his wife refused to suck him off any more. Tlory gave me his and said he finished work at 5.

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This one was also dark, but not black. My only real trouble is what to do about all the ones I'm not attracted to. He was uncut like us and and his skin was really pink. I wasn't going to let him off that easy, though.

I guess he wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted his big cock in my tight whiteboy ass. It must have been the best blowjob that guy had ever had, because he was shooting his load withing minutes. So much for long goodbyes At bedtime Eddy seemed quiet and didn't say anything as he slid into his bed. But the question is I told him it was when I was in High School.

I had just come home from Tommy Brewster's house and I had an urge for some alone time, if you know what I mean Was glody what it felt like to be naked outside? The cock in my mouth followed close behind, shooting load after load of hot, sweet jizz down my throat.

Gay gloryhole stories

He slid in and out of me for at least 15 glort before he shot his second load in my ass. A story about the exploits and wild sex of gladiators. This time it was a long black cock about as around as a half dollar and eight inches long. By the end of that afternoon, I was covered with cum on the outside and filled with it on the inside.